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From the desk of: Budi T
Date: June 7th, 2016

RE: Frustrated 'Hair-Pulling' List Builders...

I know EXACTLY how frustrating it can be to build a list... 

It's late into the night, and you're still awake trying to finish your latest 'free report', pulling your hairs out battling with endless 'writers' block'...

... OR knocking your head against the wall creating a simple squeeze page, riddled by technical mumbo-jumbo...

And spending hours or even DAYS trying to write a bunch of follow-up emails that you have no idea whether it will convert or not...

Then you say, "Screw it. I don't have time for this. I'm just gonna outsource this all," only to find you have a bleeding wallet from expensive outsourcing fee...

It's just simply... OVERWHELMING!

"I Just Don't Have Time For All This...!"

That's totally understandable... And actually, it's NOT entirely your fault.

All those gooroos make list-building sound sooo easy and simple.

"Just create a freebie, write follow-up emails, create a squeeze page, aaand... BAM! You'll make TONS of money!"

... when in reality, it takes time and skill to craft a proper lead funnel that converts, and sadly, most people just don't have the luxury of time.

It's no wonder that, most of the times, projects get abandoned and left to collect dust, or sitting at one hidden corner of your harddrive.


Having said that,

If You're NOT Building a Mailing List, You're Leaving TONS of Money on The Table!
Look at these shocking facts:

  • Email ad revenue reached $256 million in 2014.
  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.
  • Roughly half of an email list will be active – either opening or clicking on emails.
  •  For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment, BEATING every other marketing channels!
  • By 2016, the number email accounts will reach 4.3 billion.
  • Email marketing spend grows 10% year over year.

Now you see, building a mailing list + email marketing is by far the most profitable online business model, bar none.

So, if you're not building a list, you're missing out on generating an income that allows you to:

  • Pay for your long-past-due bills and mortgage,
  • Fire your boss, and finally quit the boring 9 to 5 job,
  • Buy your dream car and house, and...
  • Take as many vacations as you want, and travel to wherever you want...

And on the flip side of the coin, there's the truth: without a list, your business is as good as dead.

That's why TODAY, I want to help you build a MASSIVE list on your own, so you won't have to deal with:

  • Frustrating writer’s blocks (like when creating a free report),
  • ... technical mumbo-jumbo (like crafting a squeeze page),    
  • ... time-consuming tasks (like writing a follow-up email sequence),
  • ... OR expensive outsourcing cost…

... and I decided to do something very special for you.

You see, I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible to build profitable long-term online businesses

To do that, I want to help you get rid of the time-consuming part of building a list, so you can just focus on generating high-quality leads and reaping the profits…

That’s why I have prepared a very special MASSIVE list-building package just for you...

Forget doing all the work yourself...
No more hassles. No more guessworks. No more grinding.

I'm Giving You Exclusive Access To...


What You're Getting Your Hands On Today:

7 DFY Profit-Pulling Lead Funnels

 You're getting 7 Ready-To-Go IM Niche Lead Funnels that you can deploy and make profit, from today. No more hassle creating them on your own!

High Quality Giveaway Reports

Use these irresistible, professionally-written reports as 'bribes' to get people subscribing to your list in frenzy!

Lead Sucking
Squeeze Pages

 No more 'tech frustration'. Just plug your autoresponder code into these converting squeeze pages and get an avalanche of fresh HOT subscribers!

Engaging Follow-Up
Presell Emails

Simply copy & paste these 49 pre-written follow-up emails and you can literally make $$$ while you ZZZ...!

Quick & Easy
to Set-Up

You can literally take ONE lead funnel and have it set up within 30 minutes or less.


You can now build a MASSIVE list with a SNAP and generate autopilot profits!

Here are the 7 Profit-Pulling Lead Funnels
You're Getting Access to Today:

Lead Funnel #1: List Building Ninja

Many marketers out there are looking for a proven way to build a profitable list, because they all know that 'the Money is in the List'.

The 'List Building Ninja' lead funnel is designed to position you as an authority in the topic of List Building in the mind of your subscribers, while generating you a passive automated income promoting a HOT-selling affiliate product in your follow-up emails!

Lead Funnel #2: Fast Traffic Ninja

All of us know that traffic is the 'lifeblood' of any business. No traffic, no business. The problem is, too many marketers are looking in the same direction to get traffic.

The 'Fast Traffic Ninja' report is going to reveal 10 powerful traffic method that most marketers never caught wind of. You'll also be making some serious passive income promoting a powerful traffic course in your emails.

Lead Funnel #3: Email Profit Magician

As you know by now, Email is the most profitable marketing channel, hands down. Sadly, most email marketers are missing the POINT of email marketing.

The 'Email Profit Magician' lead funnel is not only created to educate your subscribers, but also demonstrates that you walk-the-walk because you're sending kick-ass engaging emails that also make money for you promoting the best email-marketing training out there!

Lead Funnel #4: Authority Funnel Profits

There is a formula to engineer buying addiction in your affiliate funnels: A formula to position you as an Authority, and make you the go-to person to buy from.

The 'Authority Funnel Profits' report + the email follow-up is guaranteed to ratchet up the engagement with your subscribers while converting them to HOT buyers by promoting one of the best-selling affiliate training program in the market!

Lead Funnel #5: Easy Membership Profits

If there is a marketing method that generates the most passive recurring income, it is by building membership sites. Almost every top marketers have their own income generating membership sites!

The 'Easy Membership Profits' lead funnel is unique because it teaches you how to build FREE membership website and make serious recurring income from built-in affiliate offer.

Lead Funnel #6: Viral Traffic Trigger

Viral traffic is the HOLY GRAIL of traffic generation, but not many marketers know the formula to engineer a winning viral campaign. Well... that's about to change!

The' Viral Traffic Trigger' lead funnel reveals to your subscribers the 3 Steps System that anyone can follow to craft a successful viral campaign. You'll also be making TONS of backend commission promoting the BEST viral campaign software on the market!

Lead Funnel #7: Youtube Profit Gameplan

Many marketers want to know how to profit BIG from Youtube. They know videos are HOT, and Youtube can bring the serious heat to the ranking process. They need the right 'gameplan'.

Which is exactly what you're bringing to the table. The 'Youtube Profit Gameplan' lead funnel is going to take your subscribers from step-by-step on how to rank for a certain keyword on Youtube. PLUS, the product you're promoting complements the report perfectly, so expect an avalanche of commission from this one!

... and Each Lead Funnel is Armed with These Profit Pulling Modules:

Module 1: High Quality Giveaway Reports

In a list building funnel, the 'lead magnet' has to be super enticing and professionally created so your visitors just can't say 'no' to opt-into your list!

You got that covered!

Each lead funnel you're getting access to will contain a professionally written report that is guaranteed to establish your authority in the eyes of your subscribers!

You're also getting the editable DOC file & the Ready-to-Go PDF version so you're 100% covered!

Module 2: Professional Squeeze Pages

When building a list, you need killer graphicsenticing copy, PLUS mobile responsive features so you can tap into the HUGE mobile market!

Yup, you got ALL of those inside each of the lead funnels!

You're getting access to ready-made professionally designed squeeze pages with stunning graphics that allow you to capture your visitors' attention and convert them into responsive subscribers!

PLUS, editing these squeeze pages is a breeze!

Module 3: Instructional Thank You Pages 

Ever wondered how you're supposed to get your subscribers to open your first email and get them to whitelist your emails?

You need to tell your new subscribers EXACTLY what to do in the thank-you page!

The thank-you pages you're getting access to is crafted specifically to increase your email readership!

And, don't worry... they're all mobile responsive!

Module 4: 7 Profit Pumping Emails

The most important part of any list-building funnels is arguably the follow-up emails, because they will literally pump $$$ while you ZZZ!

In each of the 7 lead funnels you're getting 7 pre-written pre-selling email sequences, and all 49 emails are content-rich and highly engaging!

All you need to do is copy-paste from the notepad files you're getting to your favorite autoresponders, change a few things, and you're ready to go!

Module 5: Fully Researched Affiliate Products 

With each lead funnels, you also get 1 fully researched and HOT-selling affiliate product for you to promote.

We have gone over the top IM marketplace (JVZoo, Clickbank, and DealGuardian) and researched the sales volume, EPCs, conversion rates, gravity, ranking, and commission paid to make sure you BANK BIG from BIG FAT Commissions!

 This saves you hours of time researching on your own!

In Less Than 30 Minutes From Now, 

You Can Have An Automated Online Business Up and Running!

That's right!

You see, setting up one of these 'Done-For-You' lead funnels from start to finish doesn't take more than a measly 30 minutes!

In fact, it can all be done within 5 EASY STEPS:

  • Pick one of the 7 Done-for-You lead funnels,
  • Edit the squeeze pages, thank-you pages, and the reports as you like (they're ready to go as it is!)
  • Plug in the follow-up email sequence into your autoresponder,
  • Insert your Affiliate Link,
  • Upload, and DONE!

And when you're done setting up, you will finally have a cash-generating machine that pumps money into your bank account on complete autopilot!

Just Imagine, If You CAN JUST...

  • Take ONE of the 7 Lead Funnels and have it set-up within less than half an hour EVERYTIME you want to build a list, WITHOUT having to struggle learning skills that don’t make you any money or dealing with unreliable, expensive freelancers.
  • Say GOODBYE to endless confusions, procrastinations, frustrating writer’s block or technical hurdles that comes with list-building.
  • Sleep soundly at night, and wake up to FRESHLY INJECTED CASH in your bank account from an autopilot list-building system that works for you non-stop 24/7 like clockwork!
  • Spend your days doing what you want, with your family and friends, enjoying vacations or just lazing around, when YOU feel like it, not when your boss says you can.

And Just Look at What People Have to Say About the Profit Lead Funnels:

I tested them out and Profit Lead Funnels work! Leads are still coming in generously and I'm happy to say Budi walked the talk. The quality of information is superb, not the old-fashioned, boring PDF file that nobody wants to read... But a bright, colourful, straight-to-the-point information on EVERYTHING you need to know in order to crush it online. No matter if you are a veteran or a newbie, anyone will benefit from this!

~ Cally Lee, Malaysia

Without a mailing list you have no business online but building a list is a tough job and that's where Profit Lead Funnels comes for. With the squeeze pages, the reports and the emails that Budi gives you, you can easily build your list starting from today. And at this opening price, I think this is a no-brainer for anyone starting to build his list.

~ Abdullah Bamatraf

Budi nailed it! Profit Lead Funnels simply over-delivers! The quality of this amazing product is simply plausible. With everything Done-For-You, basically anybody can start their business instantly without a hitch and generate crazy leads! On top of that, Budi is actually giving it away in such low price, it is literally a 'steal' if you ask me... You are definitely missing out if you don't get this right now!

~ Yu Shaun, Malaysia

So, How Much Will All This Cost Me?

First of all, if you're trying to do this by yourself, you're looking at days, weeks or even months to just get one of these lead funnels set up and running.

If you outsource it, you're looking at up to a few hundred dollars per lead funnel in developments out of your hard earned money!

We both know you have better things to do with your precious time and hard-earned money, right?

That's why people will happily pay $497 PER lead funnels in the Profit Lead Funnels.

Yes, the entire Profit Lead Funnels package is worth a real-life value of $ 3,479.

Don't worry, kimosabe... I won't charge you nearly that much.

And listen...

I want to give you a fair chance to really profit from this unique opportunity, and that's why you won't even have to pay anywhere near $197.


But if I charge $97 it'd still worth the investment, because you could be making hundreds of dollars online every single day!

$67 would be more than generous.

$47 is borderline insane.

Well, I don't settle for 'borderline'!

That's why for this special introductory offer, you get the entire Profit Lead Funnels package at a massively discounted price of...

Get Instant Access For $27 Today Only:

Profit Lead Funnels

So here's the question you should ask yourself now:

"Can I really afford to pass up on this amazing offer?"

Think of it this way:

It takes you only ONE sale to double or even triple your investment.

And Just To Sweeten the Deal, You'll Get Access To These Special Bonuses:

Bonus #1 - Quick Start Deploy N' Profit
Set up N' profit within less than 60 minutes!

When you get access to the Profit Lead Funnels package, you can easily plug any of the lead funnels, set it up and profit from it!

And HECK, you're even gonna get access to the Quick Start Deploy N' Profit video course that shows you how to minimize your work, and get your first money making machine in the least amount of time possible...

... as little as LESS than 30 minutes from now!

But Just A Fair Warning Here... 
The Price Will Increase!

Look, I simply want to reward Fast-Action-Takers so that they can lock in at the lowest price and reap all the benefits and profits from Profit Lead Funnels.

Are you one of the Fast-Action Takers?

In fact, while you're reading this, the price might have gone up. If you leave and come back later, you'll have to pay more!

So, the question you should ask is:

Why should you pay more?

Not To Mention That You're Also Backed By
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

"Download everything today and put the Profit Lead Funnels for a test drive for the next 30 days. After a full month, if you honestly are not thrilled or delighted with this Done-For-You package, simply drop us a ticket to our support desk and we'll issue a full refund of what you paid for. PLUS, the free bonuses are yours to keep, just for the trouble."

No hard feelings. It's a RISK-FREE offer.

So Don't Delay, Grab the Profit Lead Funnels Today At the Lowest Price!

YES! Give Me
Immediate Access to:

  • Lead Funnel #1: List Building Ninja ($497 Value)
  • Lead Funnel #2: Fast Traffic Ninja ($497 Value)
  • Lead Funnel #3: Email Profit Magician ($497 Value)
  • Lead Funnel #4: Authority Funnel Profits ($497 Value)
  • Lead Funnel #5: Easy Membership profits ($497 Value)
  • Lead Funnel #6: Viral Traffic Trigger ($497 Value)
  • Lead Funnel #7: Youtube Profit Gameplan ($497 Value)

You'll also get this SPECIAL BONUS today:

  • Quick Start Deploy N' Profit ($97 Value)

Get Instant Access For $27 Today Only:

Profit Lead Funnels

So, I'll See You On The Other Side!

Budi T

PS. In less than 30 minutes, you could have a new profit-pulling passive income streams ready and set up for you!

PPS. Don't delay, as the price will rise with every sale!

PPPS. Remember, A "Dime Sale" means the price rises with every sale...

Get Instant Access For $27 Today Only:

Profit Lead Funnels

Frequently Asked Questions...

What market are these Lead Funnels focusing into?

The Profit Lead Funnels are 7 High Quality List-building Funnels in the Internet Marketing niche.

Can the Profit Lead Funnels be integrated with all autoresponders?

YES! Unlike many other HTML Based Squeeze Pages, you will get a special script that will allow you to easily integrate any autoresponder service you're using with the Profit Lead Funnels!

Just set up the form in your autoresponder, grab the code, and paste in the script, and VOILA!

What if I'm not technically Savvy?

The Profit Lead Funnels are extremely easy to set up! PLUS the bonus you're getting will teach you how to set it all up within the hour! :)

How much for all of these Done-for-You Packages?

It all starts at JUST $7... Over the next few days, the price will be increasing, and the target price is $17. (Which is STILL a great price... but why pay more?

Why should I get this today?

The lead funnels you're getting access to today are really high quality, so you'll be able to build a list FAST, and your subscribers will LOVE you for it!

No more need to grind just to get your list building started! :)

How do I get started then?

Cool! Click the button below to GET INSTANT ACCESS! 

Get Instant Access For $27 Today Only:

Profit Lead Funnels

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