Who Else Wants To Start Their Own Video Training Membership Site That Pays Recurring Monthly Income!

I'll Set Up For You A Full-Fledged Membership With 12 Months Content... Ready To Chug In 100% Profits Month After Month!

So you have a product or training course. What will your customers need next?

ANSWER: Traffic.

And there's no better way to maximize your Customer Lifetime Value than having your own training membership site where you can command a monthly fee... and bring in passive income!

Just a Few Ways to Monetize Your Membership:

Sell Upfront

While can be sold standalone, there are still effective ways to sell your memberships.

Use as One Time Offer

Most recommended. Your conversions can skyrocket to 20% - 30% just putting this in your Upsells!

Sell in Backend

Mention in your Download page or autoresponder buyer follow-up emails. Close more recurring members!

Your Own Traffic Membership Site. Right NOW.

If you want to have your own membership site, you have a couple of options:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY). That's how I started but unlike creating a single product, developing a membership is more complicated and if you want to get months of content done ahead, don't be surprised if you take 3 to 6 months to get ready!
  • Outsource Or Partner With Someone Else. If you have deep pockets to hire freelancers or employees go for it. You can consider teaming up with one or two other partners (but this also means your profit share is less)

Or Here's A Better Option...

Let Us Set Up Your Monthly Membership Site For You!

If you want to skip all the frustrations of building your first membership site from the ground up before you can see your first dollar in return, then let my team and I do it for you.

I have put together a Membership Site-in-a-box for you to take over as your own... and you keep every sale you make from your membership - month in, month out!

"Massive Traffic Blueprint" is modeled precisely after my successful monthly membership sites with solid, proven track records that's bringing in high retention rates anywhere from 69% to 81%!

You Only Need 3 Easy Steps:


Send Us Your Details
This includes your web hosting details, autoresponder temporary access and buy button codes.


Our Team Sets Up Your Membership Site
We install and set up everything on your server within 5 working days or less.


You're Ready To Go!
Start making 100% profits recurring hand over fist! Month after month after month...

What Your Ready-Made Membership Consists Of:

Membership Component 1: Video Training x 12 Months Content

AVI Format

Can be edited or watermarked in Camtasia Studio program.

MP4 Format

Can be uploaded to YouTube or custom video player.

What better way to run a high-sticky value membership site than populating your members area with video training content?

You get 13 video series for this membership site, voiced over by a professional American voice actor we hired to make this training course as amazing and clearly presented as possible.

At the frequency of one video a month (including starter video), you have one full year's worth of content ready to be dispensed every time a new member joins your site!

Here’s The Full Video List For Massive Traffic Blueprint:

  • Ad Swaps and AR Swaps
  • Affiliate Program
  • Email Solo Ads
  • Facebook Ads Traffic
  • Forum Traffic
  • Google Adwords
  • Guest Blogging
  • Joint Ventures
  • LinkedIn Traffic
  • Pinterest
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Membership Component 2: Checklist and Transcript


Written words for every video training in PDF and WORD.


Check lists for every video training included.

Presentation Slides

PPT files included. Also appears in Transcripts.

What sets this apart from any regular video training course is the inclusion of Transcripts, Presentation Slides and Checklists to every monthly videos.

That's right... you have a full deck of content lined up for the rest of the year!

Your members get to review their lessons, take notes and go for a refresher with every video training you send their way each and every month.

Membership Component 3: Killer Sales Page

You also get a professionally done sales letter and member registration page!

If you engage a decent copywriter be prepared to fork out at least $1,000 and above - and top gun copywriters usually charge more than that!

The good news is this is part of our done-for-you membership setup service and in a way, this component alone is worth MORE than the fee I am charging for a full-blown membership!

We will put your name or pen name on the sales letter, your buy button in it... and you're ready to be in business generating a massive, passive income!

TIP: Want to know how to get 20% to 30% conversion rates? I suggest using this membership as an Upsell to your Front-End offers. It works!

Membership Component 4: Professional Sales Video

You also get a fully complete sales video ready to go! Now you can skyrocket your conversions with the same amount of traffic!

Almost every sophisticated product you come across online today are usually pitched by a commercial sales video. And while videos are getting popular, the thing is that creating your own sales video isn’t easy. So we took liberty of doing that for you too!

This will be embedded into your sales page right away.

Membership Component 5: Members Pages x 12

We will set up your Member Download Pages so your members will get to view new content every month as long as they remain an active member.

Each Member Pages feature the latest month's video training accompanied by PDF Transcript and Check List to enhance their learning experience.

With all the work done for you, you er... well... don't have to do anything! :) Because everything is automated (and see the next Component to know why...)

Membership Component 6: Members Follow-Up Emails x 12

To automate the process, we set up the member follow-up emails on your autoresponder! Every month, your member will be notified of the latest video training and will be sent to specific Member Pages.

All we need is temporary access to your autoresponder (Aweber or GetResponse) and we will set everything up for you... while you sit back and relax!

Let's Do A Bit Of Math.

If you get just one member a day and you charge $20 a month...

1 member a day = 30 members a month x $20 = $600 passive income

This may not seem impressive but consider that next month onward, you are starting the month with six hundred bucks. For work you did the month before. And you don't have to revisit content creation anymore because the future monthly contents are already done!

What can six hundred dollars in extra cash do for you? Pay for your Internet, some utility bills and groceries for the month.

Then it gets better.

If you have 100 members x $20 a month = $2,000 a month

200 members x $20 a month = $4,000 a month

500 members x $20 a month = $10,000 a month!

Maybe getting thousands of members feels like a far away goal, but getting one hundred... two hundred... a few hundred loyal, staying members is VERY achievable.

This is AUTOMATED income - with people staying with you. Every month.

If you make an extra $2,000 to $10,000 a month in residual income - every single month - on top of everything else and whatever else you are making right now, wouldn't this change your lifestyle?

Being the owner of a monthly membership is so much better than joining a traditional MLM company where you have to buy products to consume every month to keep 'PVs', motivate downlines, and literally work your butt off, LOL

* $20/month is a suggested selling price. You may sell higher or lower but from my testings I found selling $20-$30 to be the best price point for long member retention)

How Much It Would Have Cost You To Start Your Own Membership Program...

We've been talking about the profits. Now let's look at the cost of creating a membership site (and why most people find this beyond their reach... until now, that is)

If you outsource every aspect of building membership your cost will amount to something like this:

  • Video Training Creation (12 months content) - $6,000
  • Notes and Checklists (12 months content) - $2,400
  • Sales Page and Thank You Page - $500
  • Sales Video - $300
  • Member Download Pages x 12 - $360
  • Member Follow-Up Emails x 12 - $360
  • Full Graphics Set - $400

Total Cost: $10,320+

Again, being modest with the cost here. And I haven't counted in membership software and setup costs - probably another few more hundred dollars there.

Sure you can try doing everything yourself. But if my personal experience is any indication, I had spent 6 months creating a monthly site - JUST ONE.

So To Get A Full-Blown, Fully Loaded Membership Site For Just $997 Is An Absolute Bargain!

  And All You Need To Do Is Sell 50 Memberships x $20 And You'll Be In The Green!  

But I won't put that price tag on my membership setup service. Not today.

In fact it won't even be $497.

Not $297 either.

But just a one-time investment of $97.

And we will set up your membership site for you.

Ready with 12 months worth of content.

All you need to do now is sell just 5 memberships...

Or 1 member staying for 5 months...

And you're sailing green.

YES! I Want To Apply For This Membership Licensing Deal Today! I understand that I will get the following:

    Massive Traffic Blueprint Membership full-blown website loaded with 12 months worth of video, notes and follow-up email content!

     You will set everything up on my server within 3 to 5 working days (from time of submission)

     And then I can start making money with this monthly membership and keep 100% of the profits!

One-Time Payment Of Just $497.00

Massive Traffic Membership

Budi T & Edmund Loh

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You are equipping me with membership content up to 12 months. What happens after that? Do I get any more content?

A: The contents are up to 12 months and that's it. Our membership tests revealed that a fixed term membership model works the best whereby members stay longer than the usual 1 to 3 months, beating the low 'industry standard'.

Q: Why fixed term memberships? Why not bill my members non-stop?

A: The content membership business is different from software-based memberships. Take this scenario: you got yourself the first 100 members this month. And you have the content ready. The second month, let's say 20 people have dropped out. Your content creation cost is still the same. You still need to spend the same time and/or money to create for 80 people just as you do for 100 people. You are fighting a three-way war now: (1) to replenish dropped members (2) to find NEW members to grow your membership and (3) to create new content every month. If you work alone, you are DONE FOR.

On the other hand if you do a fixed term membership where the contents are already preloaded for the next 12 months, you already eliminate problem (3) we have just mentioned. This also takes care of problem (1) where even when members drop out, you don't lose any effort in creating additional content. Which leaves you to focus on the good part that is (2) growing your membership!

Q: When I apply for your Membership Licensing Program, what do I have to do?

A: You will be directed to an Installation Request Form. You will be asked for your web hosting and autoresponder temporary access (Aweber or GetResponse). Then we set up your membership in 5 working days or less.

Q: Do I get full control over these memberships?

A: Yes, absolutely! The membership is hosted on your server (not ours).

Q:Will you be installing any script or software?

A: No, we believe in simplicity.

Q: Do I have to do any manual delivery of the monthly content?

A: Not at all. Your autoresponder + members pages will automate the process, thus freeing you of this mundane work.

Q: What about buy button? I'm not sure how to go about giving this.

A: This is up to you. You can choose the popular choices i.e. JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank.

If you are unsure which way is the best, you can consult with us at no extra charge - we have experience in using ALL THESE platforms so we know the pros and cons; we can determine which one is the best choice for you.

SERVICE GUARANTEE: After setup service is rendered, all sales are final and no refunds offered.

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