All the stitches in the world are useless

All the stitching in the fabric of the world is useless, said the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Justice A.K. Sikri, while hearing a petition by the Congress government challenging the legality of the ban on blanket embroidering of the national flag, said there is nothing wrong in embroiderying the national emblem.

But the petitioner, S. S. Prakash, said that embroideries were not allowed under Article 19(1) of the Constitution as it does not protect the rights of minorities.

“There is no law prohibiting embroiderry or making of garments of the colour of the flag or other articles,” he said, adding that the ban is not a valid law.

Justice Sikri also said that blanket embroidered is a personal choice and should be respected.

He said the government must decide on a way out and not allow blanket embroiders to be used in any government function.