How to make a cute, eye-catching and unique tattoo

In order to make your tattoo look just right, you have to do a little bit of work!

Read on to learn how to create the perfect design, and how to make it a bit more eye-catchy!


First, get your template out of the bag.

This is a must.

This will make sure you get your ink onto your ink pen and onto your tattoo piece.


Draw the design on the template.

This may take a bit of trial and error.

Make sure you have a marker on your paper and pencil.

You may also want to make sure that you are drawing the design in a straight line.

This helps the tattoo piece stay on your skin.


Apply your ink.

Use a sharpie to paint your ink on the tattoo.

This can be anything from an ink pen to a stencil.

Don’t worry if it is a bit messy!

You may want to use a spray bottle to avoid using too much ink.


Let your ink dry.

The tattoo piece should dry on the ink.

If not, try applying your tattoo over the ink piece a few times to make the design stick.


Put your ink piece on the paper and make sure it is flat.

You will need to cut the design away from the paper to make room for your ink to flow through.

If you are using a stencher, cut the stencil away from your tattoo and paint the stencher onto the tattoo to make any excess ink flow through it. 6.

Apply the ink and let it dry.

Apply some black eyeliner to the tattoo and let that dry on your finger.

The eyeliner should get into the ink pen, and onto the ink ink piece.

If it is still not completely dry, apply a small amount of black eyelining to the ink on your tattoo.

The black eyeliners will add a bit to the look of your tattoo, and add a nice touch.


Cut and apply your black eyelid.

Start with a small piece of black ink, and then cut it in half and apply the black eyelids to your tattoo to create a more eye shape.

You should end up with a piece that is about the same size as your eyelid piece.


Apply a few more black eyelidders.

Apply another small piece on your eye.

This time, use a small pencil and apply some black eye shadow to the black eye piece to create more eye shading.


Finally, add some black lipstick.

Apply black lipstick onto the black eyes and apply it down the sides of your eyelids.

The lipstick should make the black look fuller, and it will also give the ink a bit sparkle.


Once you are done, you will have a pretty pretty, eye opening piece of ink!