This loop stitch embroidered on a card is a gift for your loved ones

This embroiderous gift is a beautiful way to share your love and happiness.

I’ve decided to show you how it is made and how you can make it.

The picture you see below is the same one I had when I first made it.

Here’s what I ended up with: 1.

Take a piece of cardstock.

I use a regular cardstock or a card stock that I purchased at a fabric store.

You can find all kinds of fabric, including cotton and linen.

The trick is to take the fabric that has the most amount of stitches and make it into a triangle.


Take two long strips of card that you are going to make a loop on.

These two long sections of card should be around 5cm long, but if you want to go up a little bit, you can trim it down to 1cm long.

I cut my pieces to length.


Take one of the strips of paper that I bought and sew it onto the two long pieces of card.

I put the folded paper on top of the two pieces of paper and made a little square on the top of it. 4.

Take the two strips of folded paper that you have made into two triangles.


Sew the top and bottom triangles onto the one long piece of paper.

I made the triangles to look like little stars and I sewed them into the corners of the triangle.


Sew each triangle to the other triangle.

You should end up with three triangles.

You’ll notice that the triangles are not straight, but rather curved.

They are not perfect triangles because there is some stitching going on, but I think it looks pretty and works well.


Cut out the triangle pieces, making sure that they fit snugly together.


Sew them onto the three long pieces that you made.


Fold the folded pieces of folded card in half and then fold it again.


Sew it back together.

I used the paper scraps as a guide for my stitches.


Now you have a beautiful triangle that is a perfect gift for the recipient.

The two triangles are about 5cm wide, so if you like, you could make them longer.

I like to keep the length as short as possible to make the gift easy to put on and take off.


You will want to make it so that it fits on the neck of your neck and the top.

The best way to do this is to make one side of each triangle about 1cm taller than the other side.

I don’t mind this as long as it fits snugly.


Sew onto the back of the neck.

This will make the triangle look like two stars.

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the one on the front.


Take out the paper that has been folded onto the triangle and put it onto a card.


Cut your triangle into two pieces and fold the folded piece back together again.


Sew on a little ribbon around the top part of the triangular piece to show that it is a triangle as well.


Take this ribbon and sew the ribbon around a triangle piece to make an X. 18.

Now it’s time to stitch the ends of the ribbon together.


Sew along the inside of the back triangle until you have an X at the front of the square.

I’m not sure if this will look as good as the top triangle.


Take your ribbon and tie it around the back part of your triangle and then sew along the top to make your X. 21.

The front of your gift is now done.

Now if you look closely, you’ll see that the ribbon has been sewn on.

I think this is the part that really separates this stitch from the others.

You just sew the end of the front ribbon over the back ribbon, and then turn the top back and sew your ribbon in. 22.

Sew back and forth on the back and top of your pattern until the ribbon is a nice tight knot.

The more loops you sew, the tighter it is. 23.

Now the fun part.

When you are ready to put the gift on the recipient, sew the ends through the back corners.

This is what the picture you’ll end up seeing is when I do it. 24.

Now put the whole thing together in the front and back.

Put your pattern in the back corner, and stitch it all together.

It will look a bit messy at first because you will need to sew a couple loops along the front to keep it from unraveling.


Now when you’re finished sewing your pattern, sew it up to the front part of this triangle piece.

You’re almost done.

I recommend sewing a little loop along the bottom of the pattern and leaving it hanging out.


Sew up the front corners, then sew your pattern over.

This part should look very similar to the picture below.

27. Sew this