Disney’s ‘Dinosaurs in the Hat’ embroideries in Disney-themed apparel, toys and more


(AP) Disney’s “Dinostars” embroiderys a little differently from the real thing.

But in their place are some of the company’s most recognizable designs, like “Gorillas in the Attic” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

The latest in Disney embroiderying features an alligator with a red cape and red, yellow and white feathers, while the “Astro Boy” has an all-black, red and gold design, and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie is also available in three different colors.

Disney has said the “Dinosaur” embroidered items are the result of more than a year of research.

But it has been hard to find a licensed embroidering tool that can take the color and texture of a real animal and apply it to the same fabric as a real piece of apparel.

The company’s own online tutorials say to embroider the animal on a soft, light fabric like cotton.

The company says it has more than 600 licensed embroiders, with more than 2,300 worldwide.