How to craft your own Christmas embroideries

How to create your own beautiful Christmas embroidered hoop and a little bit of Christmas history.

First off, here are some things you need to know:You will need a hoop, a basket or a basket frame to hang the hoop on.

The hoop needs to be at least 16 inches (40cm) wide and at least 14 inches (30cm) long, with a diameter of no less than 12 inches (25cm).

You will also need:1 piece of fabric (cloth or felt)2 pieces of fabric or felt4 decorative ribbon (optional)1 piece to attach the basket frame.

You will then sew the ribbon to the hoop and attach it to the basket.

You can also use a ribbon, ribbon band or ribbon as a decoration.

The hoop will hang on your wall, as a display piece, or you can make your own from a fabric fabric.

The baskets will help you decorate your home.

You can buy an embroidered basket, hoop or hoop frame online at craft supply store Etsy, or from craft supply shop Etsy.

You could also use the embroidered baskets to make your gift baskets, as they have a much more decorative feel.

Here’s a guide to how to make a simple and festive Christmas basket.

A simple basket with a cute festive pattern.

Image source Mashables/YouTubeThe hoop can be used to decorate Christmas ornaments.

You could also make an embroideried Christmas tree.

Here’s a DIY project to make an adorable and festive stocking.

Image credit Mashable/YouTubeA basket with Christmas cards on it.

Image image by Mashable source Mashably/YouTubeYou could make your Christmas tree ornament with a hoop or basket, and then use it as decoration.

Here is a tutorial on how to do this.

Image by Mashables