How to make a beautiful embroiderie machine

The crafty DIY embroideries are just as satisfying to knit and sew as they are to decorate, so it’s no surprise that the same sewing techniques can be applied to making something that is both cute and functional.

For instance, this cute and whimsical crochet stitch is perfect for using to decorat a table or as a centerpiece in your home.

You can even make a cute little basket to hold your finished items and decorate with the embroideric stitches.

You could even do a small craft with your fabric and fabric scraps to create a little “stuff bag” to hold all your cute and quirky items.

Here are the top 10 DIY embroiderers you should know about.1.

Amy Levens, author of Crochet Patterns for Kids , a new book on crochet and embroidering, and her crochet patterns can be found at

The patterns are fun, easy to read, and she has also written about making patterns and making patterns with crochet hooks, which you can learn more about here.2.

Elizabeth Ritz, author and founder of A Craft for Life , a website that teaches people how to make their own handmade crafts, includes her crochet and decorative stitches in the patterns.3.

Rachel Lefferts, a member of the Knitty family of designers, includes their embroiderial patterns in their books as well.4.

Rebecca Lippmann, founder of the Lippman family of craft stores, includes all their patterns in the book The Craft for Love and Life.5.

Jessica Farrow, founder and editor of, includes the Crochet Pattern Library in her book Crochet in Every Home and Garden.6.

Amy Smith, creator of Craft and Sewing, includes a number of embroiderical patterns and sewing tutorials in her series Craftsy’s Guide to Crochet.7.

Leah Richey, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Sewing Patterns and Techniques, includes three of her favorite crochet patterns in her Crochet Crochet Book, and one of her best crochet patterns for a table is included in the new Sewing Designs for Kids series.8.

Maryann Seltzer, founder, designer, and founder and managing editor of the Sewing Channel, includes four of her most beloved crochet patterns from the book Patterns for Love & Life.9.

Stephanie Breen, author, editor and creator of the Book of Patterns, includes five of her top crochet patterns, and two of her signature crochet patterns are included in her New Crochet Recipes series.10.

Lauren Zahn, cofounder and founder, author for Crafty Patterns, offers six of her embroideried patterns.