A great little way to make your own embroideries

The first step is to learn how to sew an embroiderial pattern.

We’ll start by choosing the fabric you want to work with.

For me, it was a mix of cotton and silk, but you can choose anything from linen to linen blend.

I used a pattern of silk for the front, then a mix-and-match of cotton for the back, and then cotton blend for the neck and shoulders.

To make things easier, I also made an embroidered circle on the inside of the fabric, so I could keep my stitches straight.

The next step is making a hook.

Next, you’ll want to make a loop.

This is a stitch where you stitch the end of the yarn, rather than the end itself, so the stitch is longer than the length of the crochet.

It’s easiest to make the loop with your crochet hook, and you’ll see in the picture below that I ended up making two loops.

You’ll want two loops, so that you can make two loops out of the same yarn, but the two loops are different colours.

Once you’ve made the loops, you’re ready to sew them on!

You can sew on the edges of the stitch using a sewing machine or with your fingers.

As you can see in this picture, my embroideried pattern has been stretched over the edges.

If you want a more finished piece, I used my finger to sew the loops on the front and back, but if you’re making a simple embroiderying, I would definitely suggest using your fingers and a crochet hook. 

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