How to make a little embroideries hoop for your kids

I am so grateful to have this lovely little hoop for my kids to wear.

They love it.

It is perfect for when they need a little help with their crochet project.

I was going to make one of my own, but thought I would make one for them and it worked perfectly.

If you are a little more adventurous you could make a small hoop for the kids to crochet, but I found the hoop for this little girl worked just fine.

You could make this one for you and give it away, but this one is the perfect size for my little girl, who is only about a year old.

How to crochet a little hoop: Begin with a white yarn and crochet in the round.

You can start with any color yarn, and your hoop should be a size to make the hoop work on a child’s head.

I started with a 2.5mm hook, but you can use any hook size you like.

Now you will crochet around the hoop using a circular needle.

This creates the hoops sides and corners.

Crochet two loops together to make an opening in the hoop.

Place the hook through this opening and crochet around it.

The crochet will come out of the opening and continue on the other side of the hoop, so you will have a circular crochet pattern.

Now, place the hook in the middle of the crochet.

Crochets along the crochet pattern to create an opening.

Place your needle in the same position as you started with and crochet the hook over the opening.

Now that the crochet is complete, crochet one more time, but crochet one single crochet loop, this time around the opening of the hat.

Croke the hook all the way around the hat, and then place your needle into the hole in the top of the embroiderie hoop.

Now crochet around this hoop in a circular fashion until the ends are gathered and the whole thing is finished.

You will now have a very large embroideried hat.

Place it in the little girl’s lap and give her a hug.