When is the next school project?

The next project that kids are crafting this year?

It could be a cute hat or an embroidered scarf.

That’s because the next batch of kids are getting their hands on digital embroideries machines, and many of them are doing it on their own.

The process involves placing pieces of paper on a screen and then pressing them together to create the pattern on a fabric.

Some kids have started using a combination of Photoshop and digital embroiders to make their own designs.

The process of making an embroidering pattern from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive, but that’s what makes it fun for many kids, according to the Children’s Technology Review.

The digital embroiderers make it possible for kids to make simple designs on their smartphones and tablet computers.

They can also be used to make more complicated designs with the right patterns.

“The ability to design a piece with the ease of using a computer and the software to do so, to have a piece of paper, a sketch, with a piece in mind and then have that piece be on the screen, it just opens up so many possibilities,” one 8-year-old told ABC News.

A number of other kids are using their own embroiderys, including 8- and 9-year old Alix and her mother Amanda.

Alix told ABC affiliate KTLA-TV that the embroiderry was a “very easy project” to make because she already had a good understanding of the process.

“I’m a pretty good at doing a lot of things, so I could probably have a little more experience with it,” she said.

The project has caught on around the country, and parents are sharing their kids’ creations with their friends on social media.

“I was so happy to see that my 8- year-old’s embroideried her own skirt.

She’s an incredible artist,” Amanda said.

It’s hard to say what this new craze means for the future of kids’ embroiderying, but we know it will be a popular trend among parents.