Which Chinese fashion designer has a new collection that is really chic?

Embroideries have always been a staple of fashion in China, but the country is now also known for its new wave of street style that has seen an influx of women in the past few years.

It’s a trend that has attracted attention and sparked a lot of controversy.

Some have called for the brand to abandon its traditional embroideries and embrace an “artistic” style, while others have taken a more traditional approach, like one man who made his mark by embroidering himself into a giant Panda.

The man, named Wang Jianjun, has just released a new line of embroideried clothing, called the Panda Sweater.

The line is named after the famous Chinese pandas, a furry, furry and fluffy animal.

The Panda Sweaters are available for purchase at various online retailers, including BAPE, Forever 21 and Zara.