How to make a flower embroidered sign

The pattern is easy to work with.

You’ll need a basic crochet hook, a basic stitch marker, a few crochet thread, and a piece of plain paper.

The pattern looks a little like a flower, but it’s actually a simple square pattern that you can use for many different types of flower designs.

First, you need a plain square with a top and bottom edge.

Then, you’ll need to make the shape of the flower with a stitch marker.

You can make the flower just like you would a regular square, but you’ll want to use the stitch marker to create the flower’s outline.

The flower is now ready to go.

You could embroider the flower on a regular piece of paper, or you could use a crochet hook to embroider it on a fabric.

We’ll walk through all of the steps in detail, but for now, you can see our flower tutorial for some ideas.

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