What You Need to Know About a New Fashion Art Class in Miami

This Miami designer has been making fashion art for nearly a decade, and she’s been teaching students in her new Miami Fashion Art class to create designs inspired by their favorite pop culture icons.

This is the second class in the new year that students will be learning about pop culture iconography in the form of embroideries.

“We are not just making the designs themselves, but creating a story that connects them to these icons in our lives,” she said.

“There are so many things that have inspired me in my life, and I feel like the more I learn about them, the more we can relate them to the things that we are making.” 

This is a part of the Smithsonian’s Summer School for Women in Art and Design, a program that provides high school students with an introduction to the arts.

The program is part of Smithsonian’s “Summer of Arts,” which will offer students and their families an opportunity to experience the art, craft, and design that the museum offers through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and more. 

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