How to make your own bird embroideries

The perfect bird embroidered wedding ring is no small feat, and for many people, finding the right pattern can be a daunting task.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the best patterns you can make.


An Alabaster Ring with a Golden Thread This beautiful ring is made from a soft golden thread that can be dyed, spun and embellished to your heart’s content.

The result is a perfect fit for a wedding, whether it’s for the groom, the bride, the couple or just yourself.


A White Wedding Ring A black wedding ring with a white gold thread is a unique design that will be a hit at any ceremony.

The ring has been embellished with white gold and has a subtle shimmery finish that will look fantastic on your engagement ring.


A Red Wedding Ring This wedding ring has a white diamond-shaped diamond-heart pattern.

This ring is an amazing combination of style and function.

The design of the diamond-stone creates a delicate illusion that will make the wearer feel special.


A Golden Wedding Ring The perfect wedding ring for a reception, reception, graduation, bridal shower, wedding, or just to make a special day, this ring is perfect for a bridal party.


A Black Wedding Ring You’ve heard of wedding rings that have a golden thread, but how does one make a ring that has a brown thread?

Well, you can simply take your favourite brown thread and weave it onto the golden thread.

The resulting design is a gorgeous way to create a wedding ring that will bring out the best in your guests.


A Gold Wedding Ring With a Yellow Thread A golden thread is an embellished silver thread.

Its the perfect embellishment for a silver wedding ring.


A Yellow Wedding Ring One of our favourite wedding rings is a yellow thread.

It creates an elegant and romantic wedding ring, with the yellow threads creating an air of elegance.


A Blue Wedding Ring If you love your blue thread wedding rings, you’ll love the one that is made out of yellow.

This beautiful design is perfect to show off your love for the colour.


A Pink Wedding Ring Another favourite for a lovely wedding ring design is one made out out of pink.

This pink wedding ring features a sparkly, glittery gold-like sparkle and is a great way to sparkle your wedding.


A Light Pink Wedding Wedding Ring Perfect for the most special day of your life, a pink wedding wedding ring will show off a unique flair and style.


A Purple Wedding Ring An excellent choice for a sweet and romantic moment, this pink wedding is perfect when you’re in love.


A Dark Pink Wedding Rings This one is one of our favourites.

It features a bright and vibrant green-blue pattern.


A Grey Wedding Ring For a special occasion, this grey wedding ring may not be the perfect choice, but it is a lovely one to use when you want to add some glamour and sparkle to your event.


A Green Wedding Ring Green wedding rings are a great choice for weddings and celebrations, they will complement your traditional wedding dress and look stunning on your wedding day.


A Gray Wedding Ring There are plenty of ways to use green wedding rings to create an elegant, stunning wedding.


A Silver Wedding Ring It is a popular wedding ring option, as it is the perfect color for any occasion.


A Glow in the Dark Wedding Ring What’s your favourite wedding ring to wear when you are celebrating a special moment?


A Wedding Rings for Glamour and the Perfect Event Wedding rings are something that everyone wants to wear, whether they are a gift for someone special, a wedding gift, or simply something to wear to your favourite event.

How to create your own wedding rings: Step 1.

Make a Design First, choose the size and shape of your ring.

For a smaller ring, you will need to measure the size of your wedding band.

For the larger ring, it will need you to measure your wedding bands length and width.

Step 2.

Sew and Thread the Design On the outside of your design, use the sewing machine to thread the ring to the thread.

If you want the ring made out the same colour as your ring, then use the thread on the outside to thread to the middle of the ring.

Step 3.

Add an Embroidery To add an embellishment to the ring, add an embroiderry.

The best way to add an engraving to your ring is to use the embroidering thread and sew it onto your ring to create the embroidered effect.

Step 4.

Hang Your Ring The ring is ready to hang, so take a look at our wedding rings guide for tips and tricks.

Step 5.

Attach the Ring To the Ring For more tips and inspiration for creating beautiful wedding rings and accessories, check out our wedding design tutorial.